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Specialty Coatings

Everyone gathers in the kitchen. From cooking to socializing, keeping your kitchen cabinets looking beautiful is a design essential for discerning homeowners

Extending the life of your existing kitchen cabinets is a lot easier than replacing them. Painting kitchen cabinets with Benjamin Moore’s ADVANCE® in any one of 3,500+ colours gives your kitchen bold new character and a smooth, furniture-like finish. It’s time to bring the high impact of colour to the heart of your kitchen.

Enrich Cabinets with Colour

When considering new colour for your cabinets, look to materials like the countertop, backsplash, fixtures, and flooring. Let these colour cues inspire new colour for your cabinets.

Consider bringing some drama to your cabinetry with a deep colour, like Char Brown 2137-20, seen here in Pearl finish. A more saturated colour on your cabinets in any level of glossy sheen can maximize shine and create an elegant look.

You can select just a portion of your cabinetry to highlight with a deeper colour, while balancing the combination with more classic kitchen hues like off-white or putty.

Sheen: A Key Ingredient

Be sure to consider sheen when selecting colour for each surface you are painting in your kitchen.

You can create a subtle–yet striking–effect with colour by choosing one hue, but using that colour in different sheen levels on each surface.

For example, use a low sheen such as matte or eggshell on the walls, then opt for a semi-gloss or high-gloss sheen on the cabinets. The way light reflects off each surface will create understated contrast, even though you are only painting with one colour.

A Family Adds a Dose of Colour

We love seeing real life home design success stories.

This family of four reinvigorated their small kitchen by incorporating a soft blue onto lower cabinetry, enhancing a formerly all-white kitchen. Their sleek, newly-painted cabinets are even able to withstand two busy little ones (with messy hands!), thanks to their easy-to-clean finish.

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