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interior wood stain is ideal for staining hardwood floors, cabinets, or trim. It’s available as an oil-based stain, and comes in a wide selection of stain colors.

Our complete Minwax® interior stain system gives you everything you need for a great-looking finish every time. From sanding sealers to finishing coats, not to mention our wide color selection, you can create unique looks or match existing wood tones with a formula that’s guaranteed to provide great color consistency across a variety of different woods.

  • Planning
  • Preparing
  • Applying

Fast Drying without Sacrificing Varnish Clarity

While conventional stains recommend 18 to 24 hours drying time,Minwax® Performance Series Tintable Interior Wood Stain can be recoated in just 2 hours with oil based finishes and 6 hours with water based finishes. That means you can apply stain and two topcoats in a single day without sacrificing varnish clarity. It goes on faster without blotching or banding, penetrating evenly for excellent uniformity on large surfaces.

The system offers a broad color selection. Our customer-color palette makes it easy to find a match to the color you want. We offer different tints for different woods to assure consistent color throughout your home. Browse our interior stain colors.

Thicker than conventional stains, Minwax® Performance Series Tintable Interior Wood Stain is easier to control with less splatter and dripping. You’ll mask less, use fewer drop cloths and save time. And the heavy body stain provides the ability to grain.

  • Unbeatable color selection

  • Fast drying

  • Large surface uniformity

  • Grainable

  • Thick and easy to apply

  • Control color across different woods

Boost the warmth and character of your home by enhancing and highlighting the natural beauty of your wood doors, floors, molding and furniture. When you use the right stain and finish for your project, the results are certain to impress.

Sherwin-Williams has the products, colors and services you’ll need to make your interior staining project a simple success. This brochure will help guide you through the process and ensure that every wooden surface in your home lives up to its beautiful potential. If you have additional questions, the experts at your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store will be happy to assist you. Just ask.

Getting Started

  • You’ll find a variety of products designed for staining projects. To help you decide which products are right for your project, use this quick reference guide.


  • Treats wood before staining to achieve more uniform color.


  • Use oil-based formulas to get a longer working time so you can avoid dried lap marks when staining larger surfaces like floors and doors. Does not raise the grain, eliminating the need for additional sanding.

  • Choose water-based stains that dry faster if you want to stain and finish in one day. Water-based stains emit less odor and clean up with soap and water.

  • Apply gel stains to vertical surfaces like window trim and furniture to eliminate drips. Gel stains also minimize blotching.


  • Fills in wood grain after staining for a smooth finish.


  • Varnishes protect with a thin coating.

  • Oil-based varnishes generally add a slight amber tone to your final finish, while water-based varnishes are clear.

  • Polyurethane forms a thicker, hard coating that is very durable and more waterproof than varnish.

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